Aug 30, 2017


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AirCargo Netherlands is a well-known independent freight forwarder. They specialize in air transport, worldwide, for various types of goods. These can range from perishables to large bulky cargo. They pride themselves on their prompt service, and are adamant about trying to relive their clients from any kind of stress or unforeseen issues. They stay true to their motto; your freight, our experience.


They offer numerous types of services, catering to all of their client’s needs. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Export: Ship numerous goods such as large machines, furniture, or even small packets around the world.
  • Import: Goods are transferred not only by air, but can also be shipped via sea. Plants and flowers can also be imported as they are provided with optimal conditions to thrive.
  • Customs: Custom clearance, transit documents, and any other clearance documents are all taken care of and sent to clients in an electronic format.
  • Track and Trace: Track specific orders, imported or exported, at any time.
  • Warehousing: Store merchandise in well maintained warehouses. Repackaging and relabeling are also available as additional services.
    Providing so many facilities requires an enormous workforce. How were their management practices carried out? Were there any faults in their system? If so, how did they resolve them?


AirCargo’s Standard Procedure:

Initially, AirCargo utilized an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ERP is a business process management software that usually takes care of responsibilities given to the back office (technology and human resources used to manage the company). Through ERP, multiple sections of a company can be united:

  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Accounting
  • Inventory Control
  • Human Resources


AirCargo employed this software to manage all their department’s data. This included:

  • Inventory in Warehouses
  • Export Related Processes
  • Import Related Processes
  • Customs documentation
  • Employee Records


All information was funneled through this ERP centralized system. This information included financial data, project planning, business procedures, employee data, and much more. The surge of information was just too much for one system to handle. “The process took too long, and was creating a mess in the back office.” The software maintenance team was struggling to keep up with all the demand and need of data. “Processing this much information all at once is incredibly difficult.”
They were also lacking other facilities in other departments such as order management and a descriptive customer database.
“I was having trouble linking what orders came from what customer.”
“Sifting through all the placed orders is exhausting and takes too long.”


Apparent Problems:

  • Expensive Solution: ERP is split into individual components. Each different module must be purchased separately.
  • Time Consuming: Time is wasted searching for the required information.
  • Not Enough Maintenance Support: Not enough people to keep up with the supply of data.
  • Nothing Managing Leads: No information describing potential prospects.
  • Limited Access: Data cannot be accessed immediately, regardless of position.
  • Limited “Front Office” Activity: As ERP mainly focuses on back office activities the “front office” activities such as order placement and customer management is lacking.
  • No Sales Force Tracking: No way to monitor effectiveness of sales force.


Aircargo’s Awareness:

Aircargo realized that their system was lacking and wanted to improve its efficiency. After multiple discussions with Dream71 Bangladesh Limited the flaws in their sole ERP system were detected. The presented solution was to integrate a sales automation software along with their existing Enterprise Resource Planning. The proposed software was known as PocketSales71. This would correct the deficiency in front office activity and incorporate sales force tracking.


Dream71 Bangladesh Limited:

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. is an up and coming mobile application, software, and game development company in Bangladesh and aims at making their mark in the era of software technology.



An application based solution to track sales forces combined with a rapid reporting mechanism. Furthermore, it can be a timely solution to upgrade and modernize management practices. This allows it to be more efficient and effective by utilizing every resource possible. As an organization grows, responding in real-time can be virtually impossible. In order to facilitate this process, this application platform was created.


All Available Components:

  • Role Based Login: Each user will have certain access depending on their designation. This feature is controlled by the administration.
  • Customer List: A highly descriptive overview of all existing customers. This list categorizes the potential of leads.
  • KPI: This Key Performance Indicator allows management to grasp an idea regarding the performance of their employees along with information related to top selling products (monthly).
  • Invoice List: This option permits the sales force to manage all business invoices in a productive manner and can be referenced to at any time.
  • Training Module: Administrators now have access to a flexible training module to prepare their employees in a highly efficient manner.
  • Dashboard: A very informative dashboard that displays news, messages, and target sales in a straightforward manner.
  • Admin Panel: Control and manage features:
    • Manage new and existing customers
    • Set pricing and discounts
    • Set employee targets
    • Sort orders and invoices
    • Displays news and events
    • Utilize GCM notification interface


  • Attendance: Guarantee the presence of the sales force. Provides specific time based location of sales force with the utmost accuracy.
  • Target: Monthly targets may be set for employees by the administration.
  • Events: All upcoming events, holidays will be shown under this option, keeping everyone updated on all activities.
  • Sales Tracking: An exceptional tool that can track the whereabouts of the sales force enabling easy verification for assigned meetings and easy management.


After Integration with PocketSales71:

AirCargo Netherlands did not need to utilize all of the functions that PocketSales71 offered. As a result, the application was customized with their needs amalgamated with their existing system. Through the use of this new automation software, multiple sections of their organization were able to be observed. Their sales force was able to be tracked to accurately scrutinize their performance and focus. “After this new feature, we saw great improvement from our sales team.”

Customs documentation, Invoices, and other relevant documents were now easily stored and could be referenced at any time. “Having all of this information on my phone has helped me so much. I am getting immediate feedback whenever I request it.”

Order taking became a simple task that could be processed rapidly. “Once an order is placed, I receive it instantly and I can quickly pass it to my supervisor. This used to take a lifetime, and we lost some customers this way”

Relevant customer information could now be updated and was available to anyone who required it. “I was able to close a deal with the information that was available in the customer database.”



In this situation, Enterprise Resource Planning alone was not enough to fulfill the requirements of AirCargo Netherlands, as their corporation possessed many factors to be addressed. It was the addition of a sales automation software with their existing system that helped remove any voids in their administrative techniques. Now management can make full use of all of their existing resources. In this case PocketSales71, did not replace the existing system. Instead it was used to complement the present system.

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