Jul 13, 2017

Pocket Sales 71 wins two awards from FinancesOnline

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Pocket Sales 71 is hitting it big in industry ranking, scores and awards. We’re proud to announce that our product is blazing a trail in sales automation solutions with several recognitions it has been raking up in so short a time. Trusted SaaS software directory FinancesOnline.com recently went over Pocket Sales 71 and appraised it positively, giving it an overall score of 8.0 out of 10 and a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100%. Reviewers observed that our software can truly help businesses enhance their sales operation by focusing on the efficient management of an essential component – the sales work force. That’s right, these are the personnel who handle your sales activities and it is imperative that sales managers are equipped with the proper tools to effectively supervise sales people and maximize their productivity. This is done through Pocket Sales’ powerful sales force tracking capability.

Reviewers noted that other than the built in sales automation features that can generate reports, provide KPIs and metrics, set sales targets, and simplify other sales activities, it is the unique management approach of the sales force that made Pocket Sales 71 a cut above the rest. As a sales force tracking platform, managers get to find out if salespeople have visited targeted clients at the appointed time; know exactly where sales agents are at any given time; be informed of the time spent at each location; learn of the number of visits made by each sales personnel in a given period; and check the total distance traveled for proper compensation of amount. And all of these require only a smartphone. The robust automation and tracking capabilities of Pocket Sales 71 were recognized and ascertained by the keen reviewers and they concurred on giving our software FinancesOnline’s 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award for top sales automation software. These badges of recognition are given not just to any software. They are won by deserving products that have gained traction with customers because of their proven functionality as well as total usability. We are mighty proud of these achievements to say the least, considering that our product is a relatively newcomer in a crowded field of established software. And to think that FinancesOnline has reviewed a couple of hundred sales platforms, coming out highly regarded and earning double awards is no small feat.

However, to our surprise the honors did not stop there. As a result of the awards we were skyrocketed into the very top of the review site’s software rankings. You read it right dear readers! Pocket Sales 71 is now included in FinancesOnline’s exclusive list of leading sales software solutions, joining the big league, the best of the best. This is an important affirmation on two fronts. First, our customers and users have found a real solution to empower their sales force for maximum effectiveness and, second, industry experts have come across a platform that utilized a unique management approach that drive sales, productivity and profitability. On both counts we consider ourselves winners. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate, assemble and produce more as well as save time, money and resources in your sales activities? We’ve made that possible with Pocket Sales 71. Now it’s your turn to try it.

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