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How Many Main Features Of Pocketsales?

Primary Sales
A full and complete tool for managing primary sales activities. This solution dedicatedly focuses on primary sales as a result

Order Management
Managing order isn’t hassle anymore. Placing an order will be so easy and smooth that sales representatives can take orders

Order Tacking
Tracking order is another specialty of this solution. It will give you a complete picture of the requisition and order.

Secondary Sales
Not only primary sales but also secondary sales management can be done through this solution. Different secondary sales channels like

SR Management
Manage your sales representatives with a very efficient and accurate way. This system will avail the information regarding SR visit

Inventory Management
Using separate ERP to manage inventory is not anymore. Now you can manage inventory through PocketSales71 as well. All the

What is PocketSales71?

An application based solution to track sales forces combined with a rapid reporting mechanism. Furthermore, it can be a timely solution to upgrade and modernize your sales instrument. This allows it to be more efficient and effective by utilizing every resource possible. As your organization grows, responding in real-time to simplistic requests can be virtually impossible. In order to facilitate this process, we are providing this sales automation software.

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