Aug 23, 2017

Four Amazing Free CRM Software

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a method to store interactions with customers and other potential leads. These records can be analyzed to build further connections with clients and improve the chance of any other further business. The following organizations understand how important this is in any business and have developed their very own CRM software. The best part is… they are completely free.





With over 20,000 companies in 163 countries using this software, EspoCRM has already made a name for itself. It is a web- based CRM that can be used on different devices. It can be applied in various fields such as banking, real estate, and healthcare. This CRM offers two ways it can be implemented; on- premise and cloud. Along with this feature, the software is open source and can be customized. The following features make it a very competitive CRM:

New features will be added
Very Responsive
No limitations
Easy integrations due to open architecture
Multiple supported languages





This award-winning CRM can compete with the best. SuiteCRM has won the Bossie award for the best open source CRM in both 2015 and 2016. They guarantee that their software will always be free and available for download. As an open source software, it can be easily modified to fit the requirements of any organization. It can even be used to automate various business operations. It possesses a very useful range of features such as:

Comprehensive sales module that will produce quotation templates and help produce sales strategies
Workflow module that can streamline repetitive tasks
Customer Self Service portal that will inform support regarding any issues the client is facing
Reduce operation costs (no licensing fees or monthly charges)
Constant support and updates





This CRM is also open source and was built by a community of contributors and supporters. Like the previous CRM software, CiviCRM is also web based. Unlike all of the listed CRMs, its primary focus is non- profit organizations. The primary goal of CiviCRM is for all organizations to have access to a CRM software regardless of their size or the funding they have. A major benefit of this particular CRM is that it is very simplistic and allows users to easily access all of the available features, therefore a technical specialist will not be required in most cases. The following features are available and numerous additional features can be integrated.

Centralize Communication
Manage donor base (for non-profit)
CiviCRM Extension Directory (add-ons)
Create own templates and forms
All features are customizable





This company provides both a paid and free version of their software. For now, we will only consider the free version. This version is both free and open source, with the intention of only fulfilling the needs of smaller businesses. Its main focus is on the marketing and sales department and can be further optimized by integrating third party applications. All major sales and marketing functions are included to optimize the efficiency of various businesses.

Accounts and Contacts Management
Leads and Opportunity Management
Performance Dashboards
Reporting Analytics
Workflow and Productivity Tools

Closing Remarks

All of the CRMs listed provide more than enough facilities, considering that they are completely free. There may be a few problems from time to time, but all the software providers offer support to help fix any problems encountered. Although major enterprises may not benefit as much, smaller organizations may find the software more than sufficient for them. More information about each software can be found in their respective websites. If your organization is uncertain why sales related software is important to an organization, you will be able to find more information

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