Aug 23, 2017

The Confidence Group has ‘Confidence’ in PocketSales71

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Gaston is one of many ventures by the Confidence Group. The Confidence Group has been making its mark in the engineering industry since 1991. Based in Bangladesh, they are one of the few organizations in Bangladesh to have multiple successful projects, along with Gaston, which are notable brands throughout the country and internationally. These include:

  • Confidence Infrastructure
  • Confidence Cement
  • Asian Paints
  • Confidence Electric Limited


With so many establishments, it can be speculated that the number of employees under this enterprise is vast. In this specific case, attention will be focused primarily on Gaston Battery and their large workforce. Gaston is a companion organization with Confidence Electric Limited, where they provide the energy and storage power generation units. They offer batteries that can be utilized for the following purposes:

  • Vehicles
  • Telecommunication
  • IPS (Instant Power Supply)
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)


With so much quality equipment, they are bound to possess a massive staff number. How were they normally operated? Were there any problems managing them? If so, were there any solutions?


Normal Operation:

Initially, Gaston performed everything manually as they did not possess any sales automation software. This meant that each step in the sales process had to be painstakingly done for each order placed by all consumers; retail companies, wholesalers, and so on. Initially, as orders were placed, representatives from the company had to make face to face visits to each client’s establishment to record the exact needs of the customer. “With the constant traffic jams, I cannot visit all of my clients.”

After noting the order, the agent’s next job was to check the inventory to confirm if and when the order could be fulfilled. Headquarters was then tasked with creating a quotation for the equipment. This was verified, and passed to the sales department to deliver the information to the customers. “Getting the quotation from Headquarters can sometimes take hours.” Once the transaction was completed, and the fee was received, a payment receipt was made and stored for future reference. This process was carried out for all customers.



No Way to Track Sales Force: The actual output of the sales force cannot be measured or verified.

  • Waste of Resources: Agents have to constantly make visits to clients even if they are not very promising leads.
  • Details about Prospects: There were no indications about which customers should be prioritized.
  • Wasted Time: Each step of the sales process wastes lots of valuable time.
  • Paper Trail: Each document has to be written down and stored.
  • Wasted Space: Storing information: customer information, invoices, quotations, receipts, and so forth accumulate and require a massive amount of space.
  • Difficult Referencing: With everything filed physically, it is extremely difficult to find specific files or information without proper organization.


Gaston’s Realization:

Gaston recognized that there were concerns and weaknesses in their sales and management practices. They reached out to Dream71 Bangladesh Limited for consultation. After multiple discussions and meetings, the issues were determined. Dream71 Bangladesh Limited proposed the sales automation software, PocketSales71, as a potential solution.


Dream71 Bangladesh Limited:

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. is one of the most promising mobile application, software, and game development companies in Bangladesh and aims at creating a new standard in the era of software technology.



It offers a distinctive approach to manage sales teams. It provides an innovative way to not only achieve that prospect, but offers an assortment of other features. The main attraction is sales force tracking. This feature will allow management to receive constant relevant information regarding each and every employee. As a result, this will allow the administration to utilize the workforce more efficiently, and as a result maximize the potential of the team.



  • Role Based Login: Each user will have certain access depending on their designation. This feature is controlled by the administration.
  • Customer List: A highly descriptive overview of all existing customers. This list can be easily altered by the admin.
  • KPI: This Key Performance Indicator allows management to grasp an idea regarding the performance of their employees along with information related to top selling products (monthly).
  • Invoice List: This option permits the sales force to manage all business invoices in a productive manner and can be referenced to at any time.
  • Training Module: Administrators now have access to a flexible training module to prepare their sales force in a highly efficient manner.
  • Dashboard: A very informative dashboard that displays news, messages, and target sales in a straightforward manner.
  • Admin Panel: Control and manage features:

    • Manage new and existing customers
    • Set pricing and discounts
    • Set employee targets
    • Sort orders and invoices
    • Displays news and events
    • Utilize GCM notification interface


  • Attendance: Guarantee the presence of the sales force. Provides specific time based location of sales force with the utmost accuracy.
  • Target: Monthly targets may be set for employees by the administration.
  • Events: All upcoming events, holidays will be shown under this option, keeping everyone updated on all activities.
  • Sales Tracking: An exceptional tool that can track the whereabouts of the sales force enabling easy verification for assigned meetings and easy management.


After Incorporating PocketSales71:

Gaston’s administration was given full control of all of the features available in PocketSales71. The specific user login reduced any confusion as each designation acquired information only concerning them. Therefore, no filtering was required. “There was no more confusion in the office about who had to attend what meeting.” Gaston was able to monitor their sales force and detect any unfocused sales agents. The necessary action was taken to increase their efficiency and persuade them to be more goal- orientated.

All invoices, receipts, quotations, and other paper work was converted into a digital state. “There was some confusion about whether a customer had paid their fees or not. I was able to refer to the database and found our answer in minutes.”

This made both the management and workforce’s lives much easier as they could communicate easily and refer to any information at any given moment. Inventory could also be checked and updated instantly. “Since the inventory was constantly updated, I could inform the customer about the exact amount of batteries we had in stock.”

A customer list was also constructed and incorporated within the application to co-ordinate meetings, orders, timelines, deliveries, and additional facilities. The training module was applied for rapid orientation and preparation for new employees. Other features were customized according to Gaston’s needs and requirements.



Gaston Battery found great use in operating a sales automation software. Learning how to use the application was simple and very easy to comprehend. The differences in work ethic and productivity were clearly visible. Both management and the sales force greatly appreciated how organized their system had become and how easily they were able to communicate. Therefore, the solution of integrating PocketSales71 was justified.

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